'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Series Air Date, Latest News & Update: English Dubbed Finally Released & Airing In The West This December?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 23, 2016 11:32 AM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" animation will be release in the West with familiar English voice actors and actresses. The said series will reveal another perspective in Alola region as well as catching up with the game release with the same title.

Of course, players are well aware that every game that gets released will have an animation that follows after. This is also includes the story where Ash (Satoshi in Japan) discovers the guardian of Melemele island, which is located in Alola region, while he was eating his dinner in a exquisite restaurant.

Trailer recap and sneak peek


The trailer from The Official Pokemon Channel reveals the episode one of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" series. As Ash was diving and looking around, he found a Pokemon that was digging the streets, which also bit him in the process so he chased it. As the chase continues, he got strayed in the forest and found another bear-like Pokemon.

To prevent any spoilers, the best thing about the series will be the same quality of animation and with clear and crisp view of the whole Alola region. In addition, the series will release this December 2017 in various channels that cater to such genre like Disney Channel XD.

New characters and companions along the journey

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" will surely follow the story in the game accurately but with a more detailed descriptions and scenes that makes a whole new perspective of the main topic. Moreover, there will be new characters that will be the highlight of the whole new series including notable villains that hinder Ash from his journey, players will surely miss Team Rocket, Team Aqua, and other notable villain group in the previous version of Pokemon. It is surely exquisite to know that Pikachu, Ash's lifelong companion from the start, will have a new Z-move that raises Pikachu's attack to a whole new level.

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