‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: PvP, Baby Pokemon Scratch Surface On Big December Updates

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 24, 2016 04:12 AM EST

November is fast coming to an end and a lot of “Pokemon Go” players are eager to see what Niantic has in store as we head into the Holidays. In-game events are expected but for gamers, the improvements that would stick is of equal importance.

As mentioned in previous posts, headlining the new features for “Pokemon Go” include the introduction of player vs. player battles, Pokemon trading and an alternative to egg hatching in the form of Baby Pokemon. Aside from these rumored improvements, “Pokemon Go” players are on the prowl on what new spawns would be offered to players globally.

Critters such as Ditto, Lapras and an alleged “Shiny Pokemon” could be coming forward – meaning gamers will have a busy December ahead of them. But the important "Pokemon Go" features are of course the new ones which will carry on even after the Christmas season. 

Plans for the PvP may include VR integration and all players will have to do from there is to select the Pokemon of their choice for the planned “Pokemon Go” battles, BGR reported. Lastly, there is the alleged alternative to egg-hatching in the form of baby Pokemon.

These will reportedly be released alongside the Gen 2 pocket monsters which could be a better choice than walking kilometers to hatch eggs. The shift to baby Pokemon on “Pokemon Go” will need some getting used to at first though gamers are unlikely to complain about as long as the critter they are nursing is a good one.

With the right nurturing, “Pokemon Go” players can beef up their Pokedex with the new breed though more details may be needed. That includes would they need to be fed and how they can be brought up faster.

These features are still unconfirmed and more are expected in December. Thanksgiving is here so further changes to “Pokemon Go” could crop up in the coming weeks.

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