'Plimpli Adventures' Latest News & Update: Simple Endless-Runner Style Yet Addictive Shooter Game For Windows 10?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 24, 2016 02:10 AM EST

"Windows 10" from Microsoft Corporations is the best operating system used today because of its high end performance including the cores and graphic renderers from the computer, laptop, or tablet that are installed. Aside from the latest updates from Windows on their tablet, a game has just been released and it is surely addictive.

"Plimpli Adventures" is a shooter-type game that combines the elements of Sonic, Flappy Bird, and Space Impact. This two-dimensional game is similar to any shooting games. However, there is a uniqueness to this one.

What are the unique elements in the game?

Shooting games in 2D form lacks something other than gaining the highest score with each level. "Plimpli Adventures" is unique because it has boss fights, power-ups, and players can select a wide variety of birds that can be selected and used. In addition, the game features 8 environments that changes when one is accomplished.

Together with these environments the shooting types also differ depending on what power up the player grabbed. One gauge meter is located below the screen, which fills up and can be activated for a stronger attack such as in boss fights.

Two in one against all enemies

Other than the Windows 10 operated phones, tablets with this operating system can cater and play "Plimpli Adventures" by using the "Z" and "X" key on the keyboard. Tapping the "Z" key brings back memories from the game Flappy Bird because players have to keep a specific height to avoid getting hit.

Fortunately, the game supports both touch screen and keyboard to fit the user's needs. Now, this game combines both shooting and manipulation of flying, which is the reason why it is unique among others. Lastly, a game cannot be completed without collection and gathering of currency-----coins and money system. By gathering enough coins in the game, players can upgrade their abilities and/or buy additional birds in the store.

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