'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News: Glitch Issue Discovered To Be From An Attempted Cheat Engine?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 24, 2016 07:10 AM EST

The release of Pokemon Sun and Moon boomed perfectly and fans of the game chomped the game down quickly the moment it was released. As quick as the game was released and the exploration of the game, hackers and coders are finding ways to make gaming easier for those who rely on cheats and to cover things they did not yet experience because it is rare and hard to obtain such as the mythical Pokemon Magearna and Marshadow.

However, the issues are slowly arising in the Pokemon community about a corrupted save file, which rages players because of the huge amount of time they spent in playing that has just been corrupted and deemed unplayable anymore.

Not the game's glitch but from another cheat tool

Other than the issue with the so-called "glitch" developers suddenly investigated the problem and discovered that it was not a glitch after all. It is an attempted use of a cheat engine, which made the game react and got destroyed. Games run in scripts and codes.

Once one or few of the codes are invaded and changed, the whole game will surely misbehave, resulting into a glitch or broken game. One post from Kotaku mentions about a cheat program used PKHeX is the name, which saves a state and loads it after to get better Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon". This PKHeX.exe, created by Kaphotics is the said cause of the problem based on his twitter post.

Players that uses illegal copies of game are banned 

Those cheaters that used this program will have to suffer the consequence and will have to start the game again in return of the normal state but may encounter the glitch again. More players are inclined to cheating because they want to be the best, fortunately, developers and creators of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" assures everyone that there is no glitch after all. To add the burning issue, other hackers are replicating the game and those who used the illegal copy of it are banned in Wi--fi connectivity.

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