“Mass Effect Andromeda”: Level Design Detailed, Character Customization and Loyalty Missions Teased

By Mia P. , Updated Nov 25, 2016 06:35 PM EST

Now that fans have finally known more about the "Mass Effect Andromeda", this also means that developers from Bioware will continue to reveal teasers on social media. The constant teases, however, is not as so hard to bear any longer as they were back when they still haven't shown any gameplay. As a matter of fact, they still haven't shown the "Mass Effect Andromeda" gameplay just yet.

Over the past few weeks, Mac Walters of Bioware, for instance, exulted over the level design of the "Mass Effect Andromeda". Walters noted on Twitter,  that the verticality in the levels has opened them up much even further. Added to that, Walters also teased character customization of the "Mass Effect Andromeda" along with the two new Loyalty Missions, which were both reviewed just recently.

It appears that the "Mass Effect Andromeda" is coming along just fine. It is even turning into something that fans should be able to enjoy more. "Mass Effect Andromeda" is expected to be out in Spring 2017 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. However, according to GamingBolt, there is a probability that the "Mass Effect Andromeda" may get delayed to year 2018.

Meanwhile, details of preorder bonuses and deluxe editions for "Mass Effect Andromeda" are love on the Origin store. When it comes to preorders, anyone that preorders the "Mass Effect Andromeda", regardless of the edition chosen will be receiving the Deep Space Explorer armor. Apart from that a multiplayer booster pack containing a total of five 50% boosters, as well as a bonus skin for ship, the Nomad will be given too.

Now for the standard edition of "Mass Effect Andromeda" which costs USD$59.99, players that choose this will only get the game unless they preorder. The Deluxe Edition worth USD$69.99 will give the buyers the Pathfinder Casual Outfit, Pathfinder Elite Weapon with four unique weapons, Scavenger Armor, and more. And lastly for the Super Deluxe Edition of "Mass Effect Andromeda", players will get all the above mentioned as well as the Multiplayer Super Deluxe Booster Packs.

"Mass Effect Andromeda": Level Design Detailed, Character Customization and Loyalty Missions Teased

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