'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News: Berry Locations Revealed & Where To Find Them! Crabrawler Pokemon Found As Well?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 25, 2016 05:42 AM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" features many things including the world of Pokemon in Alola region. The environment is indeed refreshing but players are looking for ways to obtain lifesaving items----berries. Not only players are inclined with the new items in the game and the Z-moves, but berries can also help in certain situations.

One would be a critical situation where your Pokemon is suffering from low HP [health/hit points] and one hit will already finish the battle. During these heated and intense situations, a berry that restores HP will surely turn things around.

How and where to find berries in "Pokemon Sun and Moon?"

Finding berries is indeed a task that ranges from difficult to easy. "Pokemon Sun and Moon" devised something simple and easy compared to Pokemon Omega Ruby, where players have to water and plant berries in order to increase its number. In "Pokemon Sun and Moon", players have a different approach now. You have to find a palm tree, which is different from the others and have a cluster of colorful berries on the ground. This is where you go near it and press "A". The number of berries you can get differs between two to five and it depends on what type you can obtain as well.

To find the exact locations of berries in "Pokemon Sun and Moon", there are about 14 locations in total. First, in Melemele Island, you can find berries in Berry fields, Route 2, and Route 3. In Akala Island, you can find it in Route 4, Route 5, and Route 8. In Ula'ula Island, you can find berries in Route 10, Route 16, Route 17, and the Secluded Shore. Lastly, in Poni Island, you can find it in Poni Plains and Poni Wilds. 

Crabrawler may appear if you are not careful

The Pokemon Crabrawler loves berries and is hiding in one of the clusters under the palm tree. If you hear and find a rustling in the cluster of colorful berries, that means the said Pokemon will appear. Crabrawler is hard to find because it can only be found in the cluster of berries in berry gathering points in "Pokemon Sun and Moon".

You might find this Pokemon as you search for berries in the wild in a matter of time. For more walkthroughs on Pokemon Sun and Moon, stay tuned for more!

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