Xbox One Scorpio Release Date, News & Update: Upcoming Microsoft Gaming Console To Deliver 4k Gaming, Premium Gaming Console With A Premium Price Tag?

By Daniel Flores , Updated Nov 25, 2016 06:56 AM EST

Next year will be a big year for Microsoft when the company releases Xbox One Scorpio to the market, especially to the gaming community. A lot of reports has been said about the Xbox One Scorpio and a particular report says that the upcoming Microsoft gaming console will have high-end features that gamers have never seen in any gaming consoles in the market before.

Xbox One Scorpio Upcoming Features, Specs, & Price

Microsoft claims that Xbox One Scorpio will be the most powerful gaming console the company has ever made with the Xbox One Scorpio sporting the most powerful graphics processor and a powerful chipset in its arsenal. The Xbox One Scorpio will also feature high-end 4K gaming experience, which gamers have never seen before.

The 4K resolution capability of the Xbox One Scorpio is the main reason why the upcoming gaming console will be a major success in the market in its launch. This is also the main reason why Microsoft will finally beat Sony's PlayStation 4, Microsoft's rival company in gaming consoles race and finally put Xbox One Scorpio in the map.

There are rumors that Xbox One Scorpio will be equipped with 6 Teraflops of raw computing power and powered by an octagon core chipset with the 320GB per second memory bandwidth. The Xbox One Scorpio is also rumored to feature a 230GB of internal storage that Aaron Greenberg promised recently.

However, with the Xbox One Scorpio high-end specs, also comes with a hefty price for the upcoming Microsoft gaming console. According to Xbox CEO, Phil Spencer, Xbox One Scorpio will be a premium gaming console, but will also have a higher price tag much more than the Xbox One S.

Rumors suggest that the Xbox One Scorpio will be sell to the market with an $800 price tag during its release. However, Microsoft will offer a trade-up program for the Xbox One Scorpio, so that gamers can trade their existing Xbox One or Xbox One S gaming consoles for the new gaming console.

There are no official reports of when will the Xbox One Scorpio will be launched, but Microsoft's gaming console is slated to be release in 2017. For more Xbox One Scorpio news and update stay tuned to Gamenguide! 

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