‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ Review, News & Update: Raving Reviews For ‘The Survival ‘DLC? 1.5 Update Causes Multitude Of Issues? Details Here!

By Bernie Y. , Updated Nov 24, 2016 02:51 PM EST

The much-awaited release of "Tom Clancy's The Division" Survival Expansion and 1.5 update brought about a multitude of intense feelings among its users. For one, "The Survival DLC" garnered conflicting reviews from fans with the 1.5 patch bringing its own set of issues.

'Tom Clancy's The Division' Survival Mode Review

"Tom Clancy's The Division" Survival DLC garnered intense reviews among its fans. While an update usually entails an expansion of map and mission to spread out their open world, "The Survival" DLC did something else. Forbes reported that the new expansion stripped the player's gears, and injected time limits and survival elements for a whole new gameplay experience.

The review noted that "Tom Clancy's The Division" is set to break records right from its first DLC "The Underground." Now, "The Survival" DLC offered a whole new different kind of experience to its players - hatred. The review pointed out that the new mode stripped out the core of what made "The Division" what it is now.

Despite the conflicting reviews for "Tom Clancy's The Division" latest mode offers gamers a new layer to the gameplay, Lazy Gamer added. The mission of "The Survival" mode is to stay alive out in the cold while trying to get the anti-virals from the Dark Zone. Players will be stripped away from any gears and weapons, making use of the things found in the area.

'Tom Clancy's The Division' 1.5 Patch

Meanwhile, reports from Windows Report say that the "Tom Clancy's The Division" 1.5 update isn't activating Talents despite claiming otherwise. The Support Station was noted to be not working as well.

There were complaints from "Tom Clancy's The Divison" players about the FPS rate too. It appears that the 1.5 patch messed up Vsync and framerate modes, according to speculations.

"Tom Clancy's The Division" 1.5 update also reported Xbox One controller issues. Alarmingly, there was toughness drop in the new patch as well. The annoying Delta errors also come back with vengeance. It appears that Ubisoft has a lot of things to take care of.

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