Battlefield 4 multiplayer: More details on weapons and classes arrive

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Jun 25, 2013 11:37 AM EDT

There’s hardly anyone on this planet at the moment not waiting for the highly anticipated arrival of the next generation Battlefield 4, following DICE’s impressive start to the entire campaign. With more and more information trickling in almost every day, we are quite confident that we are already set up for something special this fall. Now there’s more to follow up on the in-game weapons and classes.

With the arrival of Battlefield 4, players will now have the option to use carbines and rifles, alongside allowing the players to choose between either defensive or offensive roles. Moreover, there is also the option to mix up the number of weapons available between classes, rather than certain weapons being reserved for certain classes.

As an example, BF4Central states, “Engineers can now equip a marksman rifle such as the M39 if they want to play a defensive role and keep their distance, or a carbine for more offensive purposes. Previously, carbines were restricted only to Engineers, and marksman rifles only to Recons. Now players can mix and match between classes.”

The new layout for Battlefield 4 has been tailored to offer players more freedom and go about managing their respective classes. “For example, a Support class can now equip a carbine and a dedicated grenade launcher, and the assault class can equip a marksman rifle for long range combat. Furthermore, all classes can now equip different types of Battlefield 4 grenades,” the report adds.

Apart from this, as of now, dedicated class weapons will still remain the same and sniper rifles will be available only in Recon, alongside machine guns to Support, and so on. On a similar note, one of the newest additions to Battlefield 4, this time around, is the “Battle pickup” weapon.

Battle pickup basically deals with certain weapons that are placed strategically throughout the map, and cannot be equipped by soldiers during spawn. The weapons, such as the powerful M82 .50 caliber sniper rifle, have to be picked up on the map by players.

Battlefield 4 is currently set to feature several small changes, as compared to its predecessor. For example, the game's heads-up display will remain much the same, composed of two compact rectangles, with the lower left-hand corner featuring a mini-map and compass for navigation, and a simplified objective notice above it.

The game is scheduled for an Oct. 29 release in North America for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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