Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Specs & Updates: Next Tablet Coming With Improved Stylus; Will It Be Released Next Year?

By Nens Mitchell , Updated Nov 26, 2016 03:58 AM EST

Speculations about the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 continue to spread online as the company has yet to make an official announcement about when the device would be launched. With the launch of the MacBook Pro 2016, many are already anticipating what Microsoft has in store to level Apple's offering.

Earlier, Microsoft announced its new desktop personal computer dubbed the Surface Studio but did not mention anything about the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. Since the previous installment was released in October 2015, many were expecting the Surface Pro 5 to come out during the same period this year.

Release date

Now that no device came out this year, it is anticipated that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be released in spring 2017. The delay in the release is believed to be because the company is preparing to equip the device with Intel's Kaby Lake chips.

Price details and features

When it comes out, the fifth Surface Pro tablet may cost around $899. The price may still go up depending on the variant of the phone and storage options.

The Surface Pen is one of the possible major highlights of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. It is expected to have a magnetic charging dock which is made exclusively for the stylus. This will make navigating and doing things easier using the stylus and the Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

This new stylus will also be a great update from the previous offering since it is believed to be already rechargeable. The older Surface Pen was powered by a battery but could not come with a rechargeable one which could be powered by Lightning connection.

Other offerings

It is also thought to have a USB C port in addition to the audio jack , video Mini DisplayPort and a microSD card slot. Many devices are already coming with this kind of USB port and Microsoft does not want to be last in terms of this technology.

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