Tom Clancy's 'The Division' Survival DLC Review, Latest News & Updates: How to Survive This Extremely Challenging Mode

By Nens Mitchell , Updated Nov 26, 2016 03:55 AM EST

"The Division" Survival Expansion has been an exciting and challenging addition to the game. It has gained positive reviews from many who claimed that it really sticks to its name and pushes a player to learn to survive.

For just $15, a gamer can already participate in a 24-player battle to live and survive. All of them are dropped in a Manhattan-city setting then separated after a helicopter crash. The goal of everyone is to find a way to the center of the city, find antiviral drugs and get another chopper.

Extremely tough

Do not expect it to be easy as the condition in the game are dire and unfavorable to every gamer. Players will also begin the game with almost no or minimal weapons. Then there is the challenge to remain alive despite the freezing temperature.

Aside from a weak and frail body, gamers would also need to overcome their hunger, thirst and the cold to survive and finish the mode. If they don't, they will surely be one of the weakest players who must face serious consequences.

Other mode features

"The Division" Survival Expansion also promises gamers with uninterrupted online play of the third-person shooting game. They are also able to create their own members, complete missions and level up in the game.

A review of the recent expansion revealed that it is a fun game to play especially with the new challenges that await gamers. "The focus on crafting, cosmetics and scavenging in an even playing field for all players makes it a nice change of pace," added the review.

"The Division's" new mode is playable on the 24-player PVP mode or in a 4-player PvE mode. It will guarantee players an extremely challenging play that will test their battle and competition skills.

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