'Prison Break' Season 5 Spoilers, News & Update: Michael Sees Son for the First Time, More Emotional Episodes; New Characters, Plot Details

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 25, 2016 10:02 AM EST

After almost seven years of hiatus, "Prison Break" is set to return on air for Season 5. With this in mind, the upcoming season will definitely bring tears to the fans, as solid rumors have been rounding up the web that emotions will be high for "Prison Break" Season 5.

Michael Scofield will once again grace the small screen, with "Prison Break" Season 5 coming back. Scofield will be returning to his family, after a long run and break. However, one of the conflicts in the upcoming season is that he has actually never met his son, so the boy does not even recognize him since birth. Much of this story goes in line with the adventures of Odysseus from the Greek mythology of The Odyssey.

Show creator Paul Scheuring was reported to be the one who based the plot of "Prison Break" to The Odyssey. By reinforcing the legendary Greek elements in the plot, the new season of the show will hopefully refresh the story line. While the allusions would not be as obvious as fans might expect, there would certainly be elements that will come up in "Prison Break" Season 5.

One such thing is the character called Outis in The Odyssey. He is a man who was resurrected after seven years in a foreign island. If this sounds familiar, then it should be, as "Prison Break" itself was last aired in 2009, effectively making 2016 its 7th year in hiatus. Michael has also been incarcerated in prison for about four years. What should we expect in "Prison Break" Season 5?

Scheuring had also said that ultimately, "Prison Break" Season 5 is a story about someone who is coming back to life. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he added that the brunt of the emotions in the show comes from the fact that Michael left his wife behind and has never seen his son ever before.

In addition to Wentworth Miller reprising his iconic role in "Prison Break" Season 5, a slew of the original cast members would be returning for their characters, along with new ones.  Mark Feuerstein will be playing Scot Ness, who will be a hindrance in the relationship between Michael and Sara.

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