NBA Trade Rumors: Karl-Anthony Towns Moving To Los Angeles Lakers? Timberwolves Looking For Veteran, Details Here [POLL]

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 25, 2016 04:09 AM EST

The Minnesota Timberwolves hardly budged with a tested head coach in Tom Thibodeau and the belief right now is that experience is sorely lacking. While the team could be molded into the team of the future, Thibodeau is reportedly opting to looking at veterans such as Luol Deng or Taj Gibson.

Luol Deng hasn’t exactly been having a good season with the Los Angeles Lakers and Luke Walton seems to be doing well with the young faces. A trade with the Timberwolves could benefit the Lakers though it will be interesting who the T-Wolves would give up?

Right now, it could be any from Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine or even Kris Dunn, Bleacher Report reported. Ricky Rubio could be an option as well, seeing how his name has been in trade rumors as of late.

If Deng is the target, the Lakers will certainly be open to any of the said players. But one name that could stand out is of course Towns who could fill in the center position of the purple and gold. It may be unrealistic since the T-Wolves need Towns to man the middle.

Wiggins has been on fire while Dunn has been tagged as their future guard. LaVine could be a sensible target but the Lakers may have little use for him seeing how they have more than enough guards on their end.

If not the Lakers, Thibodeau could recall his other former player Taj Gibson from the Chicago Bulls, NBC reported. It however boomerangs to the previous question on who the T-Wolves give up. Could it be someone outside the young stars like Cole Aldrich, Gorgui Dieng or Jordan Hill?

Everything is sketchy for now and there could be other teams in consideration. Thibodeau is expected to employ the “win-now” mentality so it should be an interesting couple of months before the NBA trade deadline comes around in February, 2017.

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