‘Titanfall 2’ Gameplay, News & Update: First Free DLC Due Out On November 30; More Details On ‘Angel City’s Most Wanted’ Here!

By Arianne Gift , Updated Nov 25, 2016 06:59 AM EST

The forthcoming launch of "Angel City's Most Wanted" is set to make "Titanfall 2" even better. The content update will be available absolutely free and will bring a new map, Titan kits, and all sorts of weapons.

The "Titanfall 2" official website recently announced that the first batch of downloadable content will be available on November 30. "Angel City's Most Wanted" will see the return of the game's fan favorite map, "Angel City." The map foregrounded wall-running and corridors to initiate intense firefights that cut off Titans from their team and forced to battle other Titans.

The updates in "Titanfall 2" are said to make gameplay extra challenging. Those who have already pre-ordered will get to experience it first before anyone else come its release on December 3.

"Titanfall 2" Update Details

New Titan kits are available in "Titanfall 2," including the "Wingman Elite Pistol." Ion's "Refraction Lens" is to split the Splitter Rifle in five directions, cutting the lengthy process of cleaning up infantry. Tone will be equipped with a new "Burst Loader" kit to withstand serious damage from a distance. Scorch on the other hand gets a much improved "Scorched Earth" kit.

"Titanfall 2's" New In-Game Store

Alongside the Angel City DLC is the new in-game store, reports Polygon. Although the upcoming content will be free, Respawn will be selling cosmetic items like new skins, camo and Prime Titans "for a modest price." Nothing that affects "Titanfall 2's" gameplay will be sold for real-world money, however.

"We will have no in-game currency exchange... If you see something you like, you buy it and that's it. These in no way effect stats and are purely cosmetic," the developer said. Respawn also added that "Titanfall 2" will include game mode twists and double XP weekends, though the date of the additions are yet to be announced.

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