Hey EA! Could you turn down that FIFA Impact Engine a bit?

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Jun 30, 2013 07:44 PM EDT

EA has been in the FIFA business for quite some time now. And needless to say the company has made quite a fan following (and a few critics) for itself with more and more fans flocking toward the multiplayer aspect of the game. However, it doesn’t go without saying that there are a few problems and glitches associated to it, and a few of them could be a bit frustrating as soon as they stop becoming hilarious.

With every passing year, EA’s FIFA franchise has gone on to evolve bit by bit. Each year, the developers make sure they add something new to the roster apart from the usual new lineups, maybe one or two new stadiums, and obviously new season kits for different clubs all around the globe. One such addition has been the tweaks applied to the FIFA Impact Engine for FIFA 13. The Impact Engine, of course, arrived with FIFA 12.

While the Impact Engine has been tagged as a “game changer,” it’s clear that EA needs to work on that a whole lot more before it actually gets to a phase where it stats living up to its “game changer” tag. While we are not really sure as to what EA really did while developing this tech, but if you play FIFA (for hours like me) you will surely get see players falling (without any specific reason) all around the park.

Here’s a fitting example: I’m almost done with my Be A Pro Career and my created Pro is already in his early 30s. Now I have been playing for a long time and in my time I’ve travelled across Europe to play in different leagues (the English premiership, French Ligue 1 and Liga BBVA).

As expected, the style of play keeps changing with different teams with their different approaches and preferred formations, but what doesn’t change is my Pro who, after scoring a goal, collides with one of his own and falls like one of those cartoon characters.

Now this is still okay because you actually got to score and you don’t really care what happened after that. But how does EA define the fact that two players, in the middle of the park, going for the same ball collide and fall as if there was a bomb hidden in the park?

As far as a definition for the FIFA Impact Engine is concerned, the FIFA Soccer Blog states: “The Impact Engine was introduced in last year’s FIFA 12 but as we all know, there were some well documented issues. When it worked properly it looked and reacted brilliantly but there were some serious flaws which EA are looking to iron out in FIFA 13 as well as building some additional layers on top of the existing engine.”

The team writes here that there were “some well documented issues” that needs to dealt with in the later editions of FIFA, but FIFA 13 was the same thing altogether. While the collision detection was tweaked a bit to make it more realistic, players were still falling all around a park with the just the slightest of touches. Basically, the entire thing became heavily dramatic.

It is pretty evident that the Impact Engine did need a bit of work after the kind of bizarre stuff that happened with the arrival of FIFA 12. Although we don’t want to be too much critical with the game due to the fact that even with all its flaws and glitches, it has still managed to appear in every soccer fan’s wishlist year after year, but it is needed to be said that we really don’t want another kissing glitch involving Andy Carroll and Lukasz Fabianski. And neither do we want Messi doing a skit from The Exorcist with one of his legs dangling halfway in the air in an awkward manner.

We understand that these are the kinds of problems that are not easy to deal with, with a part of a hidden program suddenly going wrong and creating these glitches. But EA could at least sit with the game for a little while before its eventual release and try and sort out a few of these, at least for its fans.

We also don’t like to think that EA is taking its large fan base for granted by not fine tuning the game in order to remove these issues, but a fix to most of these issues is the least the fans could look ahead to before the arrival of a new FIFA game.

Let’s rewind a bit back and see the best of these glitches

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