‘Pokemon GO’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Adding New Pokestops & Gyms Using Ingress Confirmed? How To Add New Pokestops Near You? [GUIDE]

By Maui , Updated Nov 25, 2016 10:30 AM EST

Several "Pokemon GO" players, especially the ones that are located in rural areas or small towns, are having trouble playing the game because they need to travel long distances just to spin a Pokestop. But, players don't need to worry anymore because recent reports claim that there are players who managed to add new Pokestops using the application Ingress.

According to a report from Pokemon GO Hub, the first person who found out this trick is a "Pokemon GO" player from Wyoming, West Virginia. The player figured out how to add new Pokestops and Gyms. The player simply uploaded several portal images to important Ingress portals and it resulted in them being turned into new Pokestops. The "Pokemon GO" player reported getting three new Pokestops for his area after doing the trick.

As of now, "Pokemon GO" still lacks on Pokestops and Gyms especially outside cities, rural areas and small towns. Players might not notice it but Niantic is secretly converting several important Ingress Portals into Pokestops and Gyms over the past few weeks and it is still happening now in "Pokemon GO."

But, Niantic is only converting Ingress Portals that has images in it. Report says that Niantic converts what they call "Seed Portals" just like post offices, fire departments, churches, libraries and other famous landmarks to "Pokemon GO" system.

To add new Pokestops or Gyms in "Pokemon GO," players must first take and submit portal images for culture or administrations oriented portals using the application Ingress. After that, players should provide good description for the images.

After submitting, players should wait for the approval of the Ingress Team. Over the following two weeks, some of the submitted portals will become new Pokestops or Gyms in "Pokemon GO." Players should also make sure that the pictures taken are in a high quality and it should represent the portal or Pokestop correctly.

Niantic is known for their very strict image policy. The trick will not work if players are just uploading something that is not representing the location correctly. Niantic hasn't confirmed this yet but there are lots of players already following this new trick. We'll let you know soon if this really works. Stay tuned to GameNGuide for more tips and tricks for "Pokemon GO."

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