Capcom Cup 2016 Competition News & Update: 'Street Fighter V' Stage 'Skies of Honor' Removed From Competitive Play

By Arah TJ , Updated Nov 26, 2016 08:20 AM EST

Capcom confirms via official Twitter account that it removes "Street Fighter V" stage "Skies of Honor" from the upcoming Capcom Cup 2016 competition. According to the developer, the reason why it comes up with this decision is apparent and that the airborne stage is "too distracting."

"Due to being too distracting for tournament play, the #SFV Skies of Honor stage will not be used for Capcom Cup 2016 and the CPT2017 Season," Capcom wrote.

"Street Fighter's" stage "Skies of Honor" takes place atop an airborne plane. According to PC Gamer, the plane itself is fixed in place.

Just like other "Street Fighter" games, the fighters move across it the same as they do on any other level. However, in this stage, the background is constantly in motion, to simulate the movement of the aircraft.

A Brazilian "Street Fighter" player named Keoma said his first experience with the stage made him feel "a bit dizzy and with a light headache."

In a post, a "Street Fighter" player added that if you are completely focused on the X axis of the foreground while the background is moving and rotating, some players may get distracted. He noted that players are using the horizontal scrolling and a little bit of vertical scrolling in a straight line.

 There is a chance to lose track of the ground. Some players may get confused while tracking the jumping opponent as the stage rotates and moves constantly.

His observation may not be the same to other players. Keoma said some players don't notice anything untoward at all with "Skies of Honor". However, he added, "this is something that cannot be controlled or something you can adapt to."

After giving an assessment and suggesting to remove the stage from competitive play rotation, Capcom apparently agrees with him. You can watch the video of "Skies of Honor" below to see if you will agree with Keoma.

Meanwhile, The Capcom Cup 2016 will run from December 3-4. To get more updates about this event, keep your tabs on Gamen Guide.

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