'Diablo 3' News: Patch 2.4.3 Contains Not Just Bug Fixes But New Class Necromancer DLC, Bigger Monster Density, Crazy Items & More?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 26, 2016 06:51 AM EST

The patch 2.4.3 for "Diablo 3" contains new items and changes in the game that will definitely present a new perspective on the said game. However, there have been expectations about the patch that is said to pave the way for the "Rise of the Necromancers" DLC, which will come soon.

This said DLC will have a new class of Necromancers that can be used for players. Aside from the DLC, new items will be added and the density of monsters will be increased for more loot, experience, and gold. With the patch, new realms will open and challenge rifts.

The Shepherd and Soul Reaper

The new monsters include the leaked forms of "The Shepherd" and "Soul Reaper" in "Diablo 3". The said creatures will have different loots in line with the new items such as the Legendary ring, sword, and much more. Based on the video from Bluddshed, he mentioned the upcoming items and including the crafting items that will craft new items to further enhance the player and the endeavors.

In addition, what makes players different from each other are the dyes that are bought from the mystic. Each dye now varies in colors to suit the needs of the buyer.

Greater rifts and new changes

The other changes in the game will be the ability to kill monsters in mid-air, especially when attacks can throw these monsters mid-air, so you can finish it with a killing blow. For the invisible monsters, these critters will emerge soon and not for longer periods of time to even substantiate your loot and gains from crafting items.

Lastly, the projectile damage, when shielded, will be reflected back to the source, which causes damage and may be one of the paths to solid wins against monsters. Moreover, the awaited update for the Necromancer class will be soon released this 2017-----a video from Quin69 proves that below. For more updates and news on Diablo 3, stay tuned for more!

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