Nintendo Mini NES New Stock Update: Players Find Alternatives for Mini NES' Flaws, Where To Get Giant NES Controller

By Arah TJ , Updated Nov 26, 2016 08:15 PM EST

Nintendo Mini NES has become available in some stores in the United Kingdom on Black Friday, Nov. 25. However, it has become easy to be sold out. Some fans even get a giant NES controller.

During Black Friday, Nintendo Classic Mini has been available in the shelves at U.K. retail stores like Tesco and Argos. The classic-themed console Nintendo Classic Mini NES has been become available online.

Nintendo fans took Twitter and shared backed up by the Stock Informer website. It shows that Mini NES stock was purchased earlier morning on Friday, according to Express UK. Meanwhile, other NES Mini customers rejoiced on Argos because its website once re-opened the product page for Black Friday.Nintendo Classic Mini stock is apparently limited to certain outlets. Previously, the retailer announced over 100 Mini NES consoles were sold in the past day.

One of the complaints of gamers is that the replica of classic NES is too small. So one NIntendo NES fan finds an alternative for this flaw. In the video below, he decided to make a giant version.

Apparently, the giant Nintendo NES Controller is useful for some players who are not comfortable with the small version. It can be used as a console to play the original NES cartridges like "Duck Hunt" and "Legend of Zelda."

For those who want to get the giant version of the controller, it can be purchased at eBay. The controller has racked up bids for more than $500, according to the source.

As of writing this article, Nintendo Mini NES is still sold out at most retailers. However, NES stock has started to appear in the U.K. and North America retailers.

Getting a Mini NES is challenging. Shoppers should be quick to purchase once they spotted one online. To make easier to find a retailer who is selling Mini NES, there is a tracker website that can be used to help you keep tabs. is useful for tracking Nintendo NES Mini stock in multiple countries. It can also show you a list of places where it was last available.

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