'Bones' Season 12 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Production of Finale Season Under Works; Zack Set to Kill Brennan? Plot Details

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 27, 2016 11:13 AM EST

The hit crime procedural drama TV show will already be on "Bones" Season 12 when it returns on air next year. With this, the hype just keeps getting higher as new teasers and spoilers constantly give fans a closer look as to what is bound for the characters of the show.

Production Already Set

Pej Vahdat, the actor who portrays Arastoo Vaziri, had just posted a tweet saying that the cast and crew are already filming the eleventh episode of "Bones" Season 12. This would then be the penultimate episode of the entire show, as the finale season would only have twelve episodes.

With this, "Bones" Season 12 is fast approaching its final stages of production than anyone accepts to handle. Actor David Faustino has also posted a tweet saying that he has already been working with "Bones" lead actor David Boreanaz, who plays Seeley Booth, for the new episodes.

Zack to Kill Bones?

Many reports say that Zack, played by Erick Milligan, will definitely make a comeback to the show. Seeley Both has hinted that Zack will pose a threat to his wife Bones Brennan, played by Emily Deschanel, in "Bones" Season 12.

With this belief, Seeley also thinks that Zack will actually kill Bones after he has taken her. Seeley is adamant that Zack is after his wife in "Bones" Season 12. There are still those who firmly believe, though, that Zack could not actually go through with it, especially with Bones, who has been supportive of him for a long time. There are also other reports saying that Zack will instead sacrifice his own life for the good of Bones. "Bones" Season 12 will reportedly see Brennan sinking to the lowest point of her life.

Release Date 

"Bones" Season 12 is set to be released during the midseason of 2017. Fox will air the show, which has now been confirmed to be on its last run.

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