'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Animated Series: If You Think Mimikyu Is Cute In The Game Version, Think Again!

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 27, 2016 04:48 AM EST

People and fans of Pokemon love how Pokemon look, especially on the cuteness and coolness side. However, when talking about cute Pokemon, some are cute on the outside but actually weird trainers know the back story of each one.

One Pokemon that got featured in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" animation was Mimikyu and everything started to get creepy and terrifying when Team Rocket started to encounter the said Pokemon. Mimikyu is a Pokemon with a tragic back story on the animation and every time it starts to talk, Meowth gets creeped out.

Mimikyu in the game versus Mimikyu in the animation

Mimikyu in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game is adorably cute because of the Pikachu dress up it presents itself. Just like the doodle of children, drawing Pikachu might be off because of the level of a child's drawing is basic. To think that Mimikyu is incorporated from such, this is cute for some. However, thinks starting to make a turn in the animation when Meowth understood what it said.

Meowth even warned Jessie and James that it is too terrifying to even know it that is why he kept it to himself with just an ominous warning. Based on the post from Kotaku, states that fans felt sympathy towards the Pokemon because it wants to have attention just like Pikachu.

In addition to the shocking revelation, Meowth even discovered that Mimikyu hates Pikachu because it agreed to help them when Ash arrived in the scene. Not only that it dresses because it hates Pikachu, but underneath the Pikachu dress up contains a dark and sinister aura inside that it caused Meowth to faint and had a nightmare.

Whatever Pokemon Sun and Moon may present other Pokemon in the series will surely be something that people would expect in the future. As terrifying Mimikyu can be, it sure had a reason why it is like that. For more updates and news on "Pokemon Sun and Moon", stay tuned for more!

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