'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Players Can Now Beat The Whole Game By Using Only Magikarp?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 28, 2016 04:45 AM EST

Players already experienced the world behind "Pokemon Sun and Moon" and its wonderful features such as the Wondertrade and the Alola region. Now, players are aiming to finish the games and unlock the rest of the secrets in Alola as they capture legendary and rare Pokemon in the said game.

The Pokemon that trainers laugh at is Magikarp because of its useless yet cute attack called Splash. Despite the speculations and bullying that goes on with this Pokemon, someone actually finished the game using only Magikarp with the move splash and flail. As shocking as it would sound, it can be done and it is possible to do it.

Finally struggling to be the best and prove trainers wrong

Through experimentation of the moves and styles in "Pokemon Sun and Moon", one Japanese gamer won through it all, by using only a Magikarp in the game. As mentioned in the post from Forbes, Magikarp could even defeat a Ghost-type Pokemon by using the move struggle.

This emergency move is available when a player's Pokemon runs out of moves. The tip to this is to expend all the PP [points that limits how many times Pokemon can use the move in numerous battles] of Magikarp until it is left with no more moves to commence struggle.

Magikarp through the years

Other than winning the game, the same Japanese gamer never evolved Magikarp into its final form, Gyarados, a fierce and terrifying Pokemon that is packed with immense power. Surely, the player spent huge amounts of time in completing the game using a normal Pokemon that does small damage.

Nevertheless, this Japanese player proved that Magikarp is still useful in the world of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" and will continue to be useful in the future. For more updates and news on Pokemon, stay in touch for more!

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