'Monster Hunter XX' On Nintendo 3DS Release Date, Latest News & Update: New Main Monster Boss, Expectations & More!

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 28, 2016 04:53 AM EST

The world is full of vibrant nature and beautiful sceneries that coexist with monsters and insects. This is what players and fans of "Monster Hunter" series taught them. The successful releases of the Monster Hunter games such as the "Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate", "Monster Hunter Stories", and "Monster Hunter Tri."

The new and upcoming game from Bandai Namco is another series of Monster Hunter that features a whole new level of tradition and culture----this is Monster Hunter XX [also pronounced as Double Cross], which features an aerial world of hunters that live in a large blimp or hot air balloon, some call it airship.

The life in the airship and traversing other familiar places

"Monster Hunter XX" will present a new area and culture. This will make fans and players live mid-air on an airship. This airship is a village itself and it is not only limited to one, but players can traverse to other airships that connect and stop to trade items and things for a while.

Based on the trailer from IGN in YouTube, new areas and places to be explored are presented. Together with the familiar places in the previous Monster Hunter series such as the Yukumo village, Pokke village, and much more.

Hunting more monsters, abundant resources, and a new boss monster

Based on the article from Siliconera, two new styles of hunting will be available and this is Brave style hunting and one unannounced hunting style that will still be released later on. Moreover, a new boss monster will be added that also serves as the new icon monster in "Monster Hunter XX."

The said game adds "G-rank" or "Ultimate" level quests that will be another challenge for Monster Hunter veterans out there. With the new abilities of hunters to jump and attack in mid-air, this new Diablos variant named Balfark [read as Barufaruku in Japanese] The release date is set to be on March 18, 2017, in Japan, Players seem to have to wait for another update regarding the localizations in the West to play this game. For more Monster Hunter updates, stay tuned for more!

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