'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Curing Adults & Children One By One With Social Anxiety and Introversion?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 28, 2016 07:52 PM EST

"Pokemon Go" is the game that can be brought everywhere and people play it because of the new features that are released every day. This game also makes a person go out of their house and search for the nearest location for the PokeStops to gain the bonus and items that are contained in it.

Aside from the bonuses and items that a player can gain every day, the Pokemon are the main reason why people go out. This is good because people can catch Pokemon together while talking and sharing their achievements as they walk.

Curing anxiety, depression, and easing loneliness one at a time

"Pokemon Go" makes people go out and about during days or even at night times. People who suffer from Asperger's syndrome can be pitiable because of the situation they are in. Going outside and meeting new people can be a huge deal and problem with these types of people, especially for introverts who constantly avoids social interactions.

Now, "Pokemon Go" breaks that wall and mold it into a path that connects two points. The goal of the said game is to out and have fun to meet people just like searching for Pokemon in the wild. Time will tell that someday, that player will meet another person and share similar interests with.

Based on one post from a reader in Metro.co.uk, which fought Asperger's syndrome and met new people, he found a new way to finally supress that social anxiety and courageously face people and the crowds without panicking or locking himself inside the house for days. Factors of stress are work, which is why games like "Pokemon Go" erases stress and replaces it with relief and fun.

Lastly, the game from Niantic Labs should also not be used in a wrong way. Players should use it when the need arises. After all, communicating can solve each problem that people encounter every day.

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