‘Pokémon Sun and Moon' Latest News & Update: Find Out What Game Freak’s Unabashed Easter Egg Is

By Arianne Gift , Updated Nov 28, 2016 11:20 AM EST

Despite the new outfit "Pokémon Sun and Moon" has clothed itself, it is basically still "Pokémon." However, mad props should be given to its developer, Game Freak, for changing the original series quite drastically, without banishing the entirety of "Pokémon" conceptually. The developers clearly know how to have fun, as seen on the game's latest Easter egg - the Game Freak office itself.

Although it isn't the first time we get to see what the Game Freak office looks like, the latest depiction in "Pokémon Sun and Moon" is surprisingly accurate, it's quite comical. It serves them right, given the latest franchise recently broke the record as biggest launch in the history of Nintendo 3DS, reports a previous article on Gamenguide.

"Pokémon Sun and Moon" Gets A Heart-Warming Reception

"Pokémon Sun and Moon" is also one of the best-received games from the franchise for a while now. The game is one of the reasons why fans are hyped into the world of "Pokémon" once again. The celebration within Game Freak's offices should be mighty spectacular, it'd be fun to see it in the next Easter Egg.

Is "Pokémon Sun and Moon" Coming To Home Consoles?

Making the headlines lately is news of Nintendo and Game Freak working together to release a Nintendo Switch version of "Pokémon Sun and Moon." Eurogamer reports that the main "Pokémon" franchise will find a home on consoles come summer of 2017, and it is to be named "Pokémon Stars."

Both Nintendo and Game Freak made no confirmation regarding "Pokémon Stars," although the idea is a welcome change. Meanwhile, "Pokémon Sun and Moon" should prove entertaining for now, and is still by far the favorable change for the "Pokémon" series since the transition to 3D.

Game Freak's office in "Pokémon Sun and Moon" can be seen in the video clip below. What's next for "Sun and Moon" (or 'Pokémon Stars')remains to be seen and should be announced by the developer in the coming weeks.

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