Overwatch News And Updates: Pharah's Father Revelead

By zekiah , Updated Nov 28, 2016 10:25 AM EST

Overwatch is Blizzard's newest franchise and already has a massive following. Blizzard created a new cast of characters who are bursting with personality. It's one of the reasons of its popularity despite the fact that little backstory is provided for the characters. Story is not heavily featured for Overwatch and players have to link the dots to get a sense of it. But one fan has a theory that links three of the characters.

Overwatch currently has 23 characters in its roster. Ana, a healer/sniper, is one of the newest additions of the roster. She was introduced as the mother of Pharah which is evident in their similar Egyptian inspired tattoos. Now that players know who Pharah's mother is, the question now is who is Pharah's father. The easy answer for that question would be his father is not one of the playable characters. But a fan has found a connection that could give players the identity of Pharah's father.

In Overwatch, all of the characters have 4 rare skins or costumes that players can change. These rare skins are based on a theme such as elements or fruits. Pharah's rare skins are a combination of 2 themes, namely jewels and metals. It then makes sense for Ana to be Pharah's mother since they both share a rare skin theme of jewels. Judging by this connection, a character with a rare skin theme of metals should be Pharah's father; and that character is the armor wearing giant, Reinhardt. This all seems plausible since Pharah's is a combination of elements from both Ana and Reinhardt. Pharah has Egyptian ispired tattoos which her mother Ana also posses, while Pharah also wears a suit of armor similar to his supposed dad Reinhardt.

Overwatch's focus is on the multiplayer aspect of the game. The story on the other hand, leaves a lot to be desired. There's no question that all the characters are related but Blizzard chose not to focus on it at the moment. If this theory holds true, then this proves that Blizzard has plans for the story of Overwatch choosing to flesh it out some time in the future. Knowing Blizzard's history with providing expansions to their games, we can expect something similar to overwatch in the future. It would be foolish for Blizzard not to cash in their latest hit franchise. For now, players can still enjoy a great game in Overwatch, with or without a story.

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