‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Where & How To Catch All The Pokemons In Poni Island? Gameplay Details Revealed

By Nikki M. , Updated Nov 28, 2016 10:23 AM EST

"Pokemon Sun & Moon" has been released for some time now and gamers are already at the last leg of the game. And one of the most challenging islands in the game is called Poni Island. But with the game urging players that they have to catch them all, here is a guide to do just that.

According to WWG, "Pokemon Sun & Moon" Poni island can be broken down into 10 different Pokemon hunting grounds. Starting off with the Seafolk Village, gamers can grab a Magikarp, and already evolved Gyarados. There is also a Wailmer, its evolution Wailord, and a Dhelmise. Head over to the Resolution Cave and get ready for an over abundance of Crobats. In the Poni Wilds expect a lot of Pelippers, Gastrodons,Granbulls, Exeggutes, Wimpod, and Crabrawler.At night one can catch a Raticate and during the day a Gumshoos. A relicanth can be caught when using a rod and as for surfing gamers can catch a Tentacruel, Lapras, and Lumineon.

Over at The Vast Poni Canyon in "Pokemon Sun & Moon" players can get a Dratini or a Dragonair using a rod while a Golduck will appear during surfing. Common Pokemons in this area include Machokes, Golbats, Boldores, Murkrows, Skarmories, and Jangmo-os. A Sable Eye can be spotted at night wile a Carbing is for the daytime.

The rest of the Pokemons in Poni island is at the Poni Grove, the Gauntlet, Breaker Coast, Meadow , and Plains. Pokemons here are Miltanks, Scythers, Tauros, Mudsdale, Primeapes, Hypnos, and Hariyama. In the Poni Gauntlet, expect to get Bewear and Dragonite for SOS battles. In Poni Meadows, players can nab an Oricorio and a Ribombee. Head over to Poni Breaker Coast and expect plenty of Sharpedos. Also Trumbeak can be caught in Poni Plains, this particular creature is one of the strongest in the "Pokemon Sun & Moon" game.

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