'The Division' Latest News and Update: Patch 1.5 is Here and Players Are Now Back on the Game!

By Samille Jan Abada , Updated Nov 28, 2016 07:50 PM EST

"The Division" is a third-person shooter game developed by Ubisoft and it launched its latest update together with patch 1.5 on Xbox One and PC last week. The game reached higher entries of players when it was first launch and the company confirmed that the Survival mode of the game will be released three weeks from now.

Previous players came back after the latest update of '"The Division" according to Gamespot. Ubisoft succeeded on their aim to make players return to the game when it released the latest patch.

Anne Blonded, Ubisoft VP of live operations, said that after the release of patch 1.4, "The Division" players went back as active users. The team believed that gamers were impressed with the latest update.

Ubisoft is committed to the gamers so it has the obligation to improve and develop the game for the best.  Even if expansions have been delayed, it is still worth it as the new update works amazingly for users. 

Other players left the game after it was launched so Ubisoft realized that it has to stop providing extra content and it needs to fix every issues of the game. When the game is already well prepared, it returned and provided new contents on the process. Some gamers are disappointed for pushing back the next DLC release.

Ubisoft tried its best to improve "The Division". Before it released the patch 1.4, it allowed the public try the server first before "The Division" was launched. Currently, Survival has been released for Xbox One and PC, while it will be available on PS4 next month.

"The Division" is the biggest success of Ubisoft according to PC Games. It reached millions of sales on PC in just a year. Players decided to return in playing "The Division" because they are aware that Ubisoft is serious on what it has promised. The game is working not only in terms of numerous raw but according to player's attitude too.

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