LG G6 Release Date, Latest News & Update: Next Big Smartphone Tries To Steal Thunder Of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 28, 2016 02:04 PM EST

With Samsung spiraling after the debacle of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, LG Electronics may use this as a big opportunity to fill up the big hole in the smartphone market. If successful, this could be LG’s chance to move up on the leaders, using some features that the Samsung phablet initially showed off.

Among the key features that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had include that patented iris-scanning feature and mobile payment system. The only difference may be in the batteries where LG has stuck to the removable kind rather than leaving them sealed up, Slash Gear reported.

Iris-scanning technology should be something to see. If not for its defect, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would have enjoyed being the first to break that out into the market. Now, the LG G6 is in a perfect position to show up Samsung, touted to be an accurate and more secure biometric way of authentication for eventual users.

To do this, LG will be making use of a module which would combine camera and iris sensors. Aside from being an advanced technology add-on, it also helps in the area of overall cost and savings for the LG G6 that should all the more appeal to the consumer market.

Aside from the potential advanced biometric security feature, there is the LG Pay for the LG G6 to look into. LG will reportedly make use of Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST Technology) which would aid in making LG Pay compatible with NFC-based terminals or swipe-based kiosks, a technology that Samsung Pay also uses, the Korea Herald reported.

These and more features could give LG a big boost heading into 2017. The LG G6 is speculated to debut by the first quarter of 2017, a new smartphone that not only hopes to show up the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but improve as well on the not-so-impressive LG G5.

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