'The Walking Dead' Recap: Eccentric Ladyland, An Episode Full Of Thrill

By Surabhi Verma , Updated Nov 28, 2016 07:38 PM EST

A usual "Walking Dead" episode comes with a lot to unfold and expected dramatization with zombies and never to be forgotten twists and turns. It seems that people have been in very love with zombies and wait for their comeback with every episode.

In the latest episode titled "swear", a whole lot of special effects and high end thrill was seen, as Tara and Heath were digging through a pile of dirt on a barricaded bridge and discover that the heap is filled with buried walkers, planted to kill intruders. The series has recently been exploring some major dark themes related to the harsh exercises of power and the fate of societies which lose touch with their values. It's so beautifully, terribly sick, and there is a big reason why we tune in each week: to see something fearsome ... and awesome yet spine chilling.

The "bridge of death" turns out to be a way to prevent outsiders from finding their way to the Oceanside Cabin Motor Court, which comes as the latest in Season Seven. While a trespasser is approaching, the Oceansiders also use a system of bells and air-horns for the warning. They later wipe out all visitors - living or dead. No questions asked. No exceptions to be made! That's the rule of the game.

As of this week, AMC has aired six of this season's first eight episodes, each taking us to an entirely new and weirder level. Tara this week gets knocked off through the bridge, she then washes up herself amidst a place inhabited by women.

Cindy intervenes in between. Tara was unknown of the fact that she will be the next one to get executed, however she manages to escape. Netanya led an exodus from Virginia's badlands, guiding her people to somewhere much harder to reach, with waters full of food. Tara and Heath get separated later, she later reached Alexandria. The walking dead will keep adding up more and more people with more possibilities of survival to exist.


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