'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: New Tracking System Upsets Players From The Rural Areas; Will Niantic Address The Issue?

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 29, 2016 09:07 AM EST

"Pokemon Go" just released thier lastest nearby tracker as a pre-update to some parts in the United States, Canada and Australia. However there are already some set backs that "Pokemon Go" players have encountered especially in the rural areas of the countries. What can be the major problem that Pokemon Go players are experiencing with the new nearby tracker?

The new nearby tracker feature uses PokeStops to determine where a Pokemon can be located in "Pokemon Go". The image of the Pokemon together with the PokeStop will appear where the trainers can tap on the tracker and determine the PokeStop highlighted on their map.

The "Pokemon Go" trainers in the rural areas are annoyed that they have to drive to a city in order for them to find a Pokemon and the PokeStop to use the nearby trackers. The trainers who are in the rural areas won't be able to fully utilize the new nearby feature since there are only a few PokeStops and Pokemon released by Niantic in the non-city areas.

Kotaku reports that the nearby tracker shows "Pokemon Go" trainers the Pokemon "within a block of several miles" but it is not very helpful because it does not give useful instructions on how to track the Pokemon. Some players from Reddit are complaining that the latest nearby tracker is "always empty for them".

 "Anyone as rural as I am has to actually plan routes to and from their destination based on where the stops are," "Pokemon Go" player, Hatweed told Kotaku. "We can't play it at our leisure. If I have to make a day trip out of my mobile game, did the designers do a good job?" she continued.

The "Pokemon Go" developer, Niantic did not give any comments to the issue and this might not be the final nearby by tracker that they will officially release to the world. "Pokemon Go" players from the rural areas can give a feedback about their ordeal to Niantic's officail social media accounts in order for them to make necessary changes to their latest nearby tracker.

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