‘The Division’ News & Update: Ubisoft Says Patch 1.4 Brings Game Back on Track; Gains Back Total Number of Active Players

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Nov 29, 2016 05:43 AM EST

"The Division" appears to be gaining back its popularity after Ubisoft announced that the total of daily active is back to high number, similar to when the game was first release. The increase was confirmed to be due to the recent patch that was released to fix may issues in the game.

When "The Division" was launch, many expected the game to be a big hit. Its beta version was praised and gamers found it very interesting that even its creators had high hopes for it.

However, as weeks and months passed, many players thought they were robbed for buying "The Division." This is because, the game did not work as anticipated.

"Some players left the game earlier than what we thought, then we had to make that tough call," Ubisoft VP of live operations Anne Blondel told PCGames Network.

She added that their team contemplated for a while. Should they continue producing extra contents for gamers or just drop everything, fix the game and then start providing content again when "The Division" finally starts working as it should?

It can be recalled that "The Division" was riddled with bugs and other issues which messed up the game to a high degree. This frustrated a good number of gamers as it came to a point when they cannot play the game at all.

Now, when patch 1.4 was released, Ubisoft shared that "The Division" players were satisfied. "And this is what we did and the community was super happy about it, even though they were disappointed at first that we were to push back the next DLC releases," Blondel said.

She further said that since they launch "The Division" patch 1.4 in October, the company was able to get back as the number of daily active users soared high again. The total now reached the number of users when the game was first released.

Blondel claimed that gamers were impressed with the patch so many returned to play it again. With the good response, she said that they are expecting more people to come play "The Division" once more.

Meanwhile, "The Division" received its new patch 1.5 called " Survival" on Nov. 25 but it is only available for Xbox One and PC. PlayStation 4 players will have to wait until December to get the patch as announced by Ubisoft.

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