What iPhone Fatigue? iPhone Takes No. 1 Spot On Holiday Wish Lists Survey

By CJ Estimada , Updated Nov 29, 2016 11:36 AM EST

Influential tech analyst Gene Munster, managing director of Piper Jaffray, conducted a survey the past month and found that the iPhone remains a top choice for holiday gifts. His retail team surveyed 1,000 consumers and results showed that despite the drop in Apple's iPhone, the device is still the most popular among the wish lists.

In an interview with "Squawk Box," Munster said that 7.2 percent of those surveyed want an iPhone. That was the No. 1 requested gift. It was 5.2 percent in 2015," talking about the findings of Piper Jaffray's fifth annual Holiday Spending Intentions Survey.

 Consumers' Response To The Holiday Wish List Survey

According to Slash Gear, between the iPhone and MacBook, 9.3 percent of the survey's 1,000 respondents said they wanted an Apple device of some persuasion. The rivals aren't even close. Xbox held the third spot, with 1.4 percent -- nearly double the PlayStation's Xbox 0.8 percent, fifth-place ranking. Smartwatches settled in between the two consoles, with 0.9 percent of respondents saying they wanted one of those for the holidays. The sixth to tenth place of the most wanted holiday gifts are as follows: GoPro, Michael Kors, Fitbit, Hoverboard and Drone. Overall, the survey exhibits that iPhone continues to be the most desired holiday present in 2016.

Apple's Brand Continues To Dominate Mindshare For The Festive Season

Going over the brand favorites within top gifts, Apple mindshare, a measure of what consumers say they'll buy, increased to 10.3 percent in 2016, with teens primarily wishing for the iPhone and MacBook products, according to the survey, reports CNBC.

Apple being a hot holiday brand is no great surprise. During Thanksgiving last week, U.S. retailer Target accounted a record day of online sales, which even blew past their numbers for last year's Cyber Monday event. The biggest seller? The iPad, clearly, which doesn't in fact feature on Piper Jaffray's report, but is likewise a highly sought-after holiday item.

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