‘Hunter X Hunter’ Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Manga Resumes In 2017; Togashi Kicked Out Of The Series? Predictions, Plot Details

By Nikki M. , Updated Nov 29, 2016 11:08 AM EST

Fans who are a bit disappointed that the manga series "Hunter X Hunter" stopped its publication might be in for a treat. Rumors are pointing towards the series getting continued and it could have a new storyteller.

It has been some months since "Hunter X Hunter" stopped gracing the book stands. Fans have been beseeched with news of cancellation as well as the continuation of their beloved manga series. But now it looks like even the publisher of the series has heard their cries and has dangled a bit of a gem to fans craving for more "Hunter X Hunter" action. As reports have been rife that the publisher is planning to resume the series sometime in 2017.

According to the rumors, Shueisha, who publishes the "Hunter X Hunter" series is primarily concerned with losing all those North American audiences who have been following the series quite fanatically. It is not easy to get a foot hold with the North American audience and they can easily turn away if a new story is not dangled in front of them. This seems plausible enough and might force the publisher to take action and spurn out a new manga.

If the publisher does indeed continue to go through with the series, one rumor floating around is that they may have to replace "Hunter X Hunter" creator Yoshihiro Togashi with "Tokyo Ghoul" brain Sui Ishida. There are some rumblings around manga circles that Togashi is unable to continue making the manga and that the publisher is now finding a suitable replacement for him. But the most likely candidate to handle the reins of "Hunter X Hunter" could be the author's own wife, Naoko Takeuchi, who is another highly decorated Manga artist in her own right. Naoko Takeuchi is the creator of another popular manga series, "Sailor Moon."

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