'No Man's Sky' News & Update: New Update Includes 'BUGGY'; Are You Going To Play It Again?

By Arah TJ , Updated Nov 29, 2016 11:24 PM EST

Ever since the controversial launch Hello Games' space sandbox exploration game, "No Man's Sky," those that have purchased the game are eagerly awaiting the latest updates for the what was then described as an incomplete game. Recently, the so-called "Foundation Update" was released, and looks to be a significant one in terms of gameplay.

Hello Games seems to be on the verge of revitalizing their game with its recent update, as the patch for "No Man's Sky" could be viewed as having considerable substance. Hello Games added the feature of being able to build bases coupled with space exploration, which could fit entirely well with the new Survival Mode.

Teleport-capable freighters and improvements to the inventory management system makes it look like Hello Games is finally stepping into the right direction. Hello Games stated that the Foundation update represents a "foundation of things to come," which seems to be the case.

With the update, there are certain files and folders added to "No Man's Sky", which may or may not be active in game after the update. A Redditor by the name of eegandj was able to discover the existence of a folder named "Buggy," which further digging revealed that it was a land-based vehicle, vehicles, and models of buggy wheels that he was able to import into the game.

Andy Chalk of PC Gamer actually emailed Hello Games about the discovery, and asked if gamers will be looking forward to doing interstellar travels using land-based vehicles in the the future. For now, "No Man's Sky" owners can sample this feature with the "Land Vehicle Test" mod, which is not much, but is available from nomansskymods.com.

So, will the gamers' love-hate relationship with Hello Games finally reach a happy conclusion? The recent update certainly looks to be able to do just that. But until all promises have been delivered, gamers will have to be content with pondering over the future updates of "No Man's Sky".

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