SwiftKey Keyboard Latest News & Update: Android ‘App For Lazy Texters’ Gets Incognito Mode, Transliteration Feature, Clipboard & More Amazing Updates

By Arianne Gift , Updated Nov 30, 2016 07:47 AM EST

Updates to the Android SwiftKey Keyboard are officially live. The latest for the popular keyboard app are part of a refresh of the SwiftKey Hub that allows Android users to easily type the phrases they commonly use.

The developers over at SwiftKey know for sure that enhancements to the app are important. Recently added to the SwiftKey Keyboard are Incognito Mode, Shortcuts and Clipboard. In addition, support for new languages, multi-lingual typing and more keyboard layouts are sure to please users, reports the Android Community.

SwiftKey Keyboard Incognito Mode

This newly added function in the SwiftKey Keyboard allows users to stop their history from being recorded. Further mode, Incognito Mode will allow users to have more control over which words are to be recorded.

SwiftKey Keyboard Clipboard

The clipboard offers convenience into saving words and phrases, which users can copy and paste to avoid having to type them all over again. The SwiftKey Keyboard clipboard will save time in texting and emailing.

SwiftKey Keyboard Shortcuts

SwiftKey Keyboard Shortcuts work hand in hand with Clipboard. This feature allows users to create a shortcut for any word they've saved on their Clipboard.

SwiftKey Keyboard Transliteration Feature

According to the SwiftKey Blog, the SwiftKey Keyboard Transliteration Feature will benefit Hindi and Gujarati speakers. The new update lets users type the mentioned languages without having to switch frequently between scripts. Ideally, this will also benefit users who type in English and have to switch to another language.

The SwiftKey Keyboard can sense the language a user is type and then will show the word or phrase on the prediction bar. There is no need to change the settings because the app can understand Hindi and Gujarati.

"These new features are part of a general refresh to the SwiftKey Hub... making it easy for you to configure SwiftKey exactly the way you want it," said the SwiftKey team. This makes the SwiftKey Keyboard the ideal app for Android users not so keen on texting.

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