‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 5 Best Places To Gain EXP

By Danny Smith , Updated Nov 30, 2016 11:03 AM EST

In "Pokemon Sun and Moon" before getting to the places, the primary and arguably most important factor that would lead every poke trainer to every journey is the Lucky Egg. The fastest manner to get one is to collect at least 50 Pokémon and head to Professor.

The Lucky Egg in "Pokemon Sund and Moon" allows any monsters sporting it to get a greater EXP. Adrenaline Orbs could also be used to gain greater EXP. According to Autoo Mobile the primary area in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is Akala Island's Paniol Ranch (recommended level 15). The gamers can trap Militanks in this place. If the gamers simply affected a person, they can be rewarded with EXP and accomplishing level 20 will no longer be their problem.

The second area in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is on Akala Outskirts (recommended level 55). Wingpulls Pokemon usually spawn there. The greatest award that gamers can get there is Alolan Raticates. On occasion, the Pokemon gives EXP reaching thousands if they may be useful enough. The next best spot in is Vast Poni Canyon (recommended level 35). The gamers can come upon many wild Pokémon in that area.

The fourth quality spot to earn EXP is on Altar of Sunne or Moone (recommended level 35+). On this area, they may come across numerous "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Monsters together with Lycancroc, Skarmory and Machoke. The last spot to gain " Pokemon Sun and Moon" EXP is on Melemele Island's Battle Buffet (recommended level 45+). The buffet is positioned on Hau'oli's mall. The warfare Buffet is up on the relevant stairs, although players want to pay up about 1,200 Pokedollars in an effort to enter. When they enter, they'll be given EXP approval of battles together with a level-50 Pokemon, according to the Gamer's Drop.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is an interesting game due to the fact that players get to find out increasingly more secrets and techniques and recommendations that they could use in the future. Are these guides helpful to you? Share your thoughts below.

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