'Lego Worlds' Latest News & Update: New Upcoming Sandbox Game Set To Be Released For Xbox One & PlayStation 4 On 2017?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 30, 2016 09:14 AM EST

People and gamers who love simulation and adventure games will definitely know what Minecraft is. Another game will be released by the creators of Lego games, which is entitled "Lego Worlds," which is a sandbox game that gives the players freedom to do whatever they want and build anything from the familiar Lego blocks.

From dragons to chickens, to ostriches ,everything can be created and found in the upcoming game for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Normally, people buy lego bricks to build something physically, but actually can build the bricks in a game, without worrying it breaks down. In addition, multiplayer is always present and players can build the world with friends as.

Building a Lego house

It is easy to build a house and shelter if you want to experience "Lego Worlds" in an adventure kind of way. Dragons and monsters such as skeletons are there to haunt and make your life miserable. Everything can be done including the building of gigantic structures that will be a player's greatest achievement.

Other than this, just like Minecraft, the game has a day and night cycle where players can experience the changes of days, which adds up to the immersive level of the said game. Rather than a story based game, this one will be another source of fun for players aching to experience a unique kind of sandbox game. One important feature is to customization of each player for a diverse way to present them during multiplayer mode.

Vast world for unlimited creativity

With the huge map to build numerous structures and places for a theme, "Lego Worlds" is surely the game that every Lego fan needs. The Brick building is the main point here, which makes the game a unique game compared to other sandbox games out there. As what Warner Bros mentioned in Eurogamer, it will contain numerous creativity and humor that will be an unending source of entertainment for both hardcore players and for those people who newly played the game.

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