Facebook Messenger Launches Mini-Games From Famous Game Makers That Kill Boredom When Waiting For Someone To Reply

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 30, 2016 09:36 AM EST

"Facebook Messenger app" added a new feature that makes users play games while waiting for a reply from the person they are talking. This feature is called "Instant Games," which will add a whole bunch of games from the classics to new ones being released today. An example would be from the classic game "Pacman."

People who use the said app will never be bored from waiting and play a game or two instead. In addition, conversations can be spiced up with competition as users can compete with each other and view the highest score among everybody else. The feature will be added once the "Facebook Messenger app" is updated to the latest version.

What are the games that can be played?

The games from the "Instant Games" feature from the "Facebook Messenger app" would be the following: EverWing, Pacman, Galaga from Bandai Namco, Arkanoid from Taito, Words with Friends Frenzy from Zynga, and many more added to the list. The full list of games can be viewed in TechCrunch, which also mentioned the trending game EverWing, a shooting game with a dash of fantasy genre. As of right now, games that are playable do not offer ads, rather, it will have in game purchases or other means of gaining income where developers can use it to develop and enhance the game further.

Accessing the lineup of games

Other users such as new ones will have trouble finding it. Fortunately, it can be found quickly because of the game controller icon that can be seen from the menu. Once that is tapped or pressed, the lineup of games will be seen and it is the user's choice which games to play either with a friend or solo. All in all, games like these can be fun if enjoyed with friends while waiting or killing time when boredom strikes.

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