'Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 69 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Goku vs Arale Fight To Be Very Destructive! Plot Details Revealed

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Nov 30, 2016 10:41 AM EST

The recently released "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 68 finally introduced a new arc to the series. With no villains yet in the episode, it certainly feels like a transition or filler episode that fans have to endure until the real baddies will make their appearance in the storyline, though probably not in the coming "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 69.

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 68 Recap

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 68 was all about Shen Long and how everybody wanted their particular wish to be granted. After Goku finally gathered all the dragon balls and summoned Shen Long, the rest who wanted to have their wishing granted gathered on the place where Shen Long was summoned to have their shot in telling their wish to Shenlong. But amidst the bickering, they all lost the last wish as Shen Long can no longer maintain his presence or incarnation on earth and it became forfeit. The only wish that was granted was to heal a sick child which, on hindsight, could have been done by a doctor. Most feel that it was a waste of one wish especially since Shen Long is not likely to be back in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 69 or later episodes.

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 69 - Goku Vs Arale! The End Of The World In A Mad Battle?

But fans can definitely look forward to some action in the coming "Dragon Ball Super' Episode 69. The title alone speaks volumes and fans can finally have some of the action this anime series is known for.

But who is this Arale that Goku will be batting in the coming "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 69? As previously reported by GamenGuide, Arale is also Akira Toriyama's creation just like Goku and is the protagonist in "Dr Slump."

In case fans are wondering how Goku and Arale's paths cross in the coming "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 69, the synopsis has already been revealed by Blasting News. Goku will be hired as a guard during the prestigious World Inventors Award. Another character from "Dr Slump," Dr. Mashirito, is predicted to attack an award winner Norimaki probably out of jealousy.

Goku naturally responds, being one of the guards for the event. However, since Arale is with Dr. Mashirito, a fight between the two ensues in the coming "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 69. Going by what the title is saying, it is probably safe to conclude that it will be one messy and destructive fight indeed.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 69 air date is scheduled this coming December 4, 2016. Be sure to follow GamenGuide for the latest updates on this anime series.

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