‘Vikings’ Season 4 Episode 11 Spoilers: Will Ragnar’s Legendary Snake Pit Death Finally Come To Fruition? More Plot Details Revealed

By Nikki M. , Updated Nov 30, 2016 11:22 AM EST

Sooner or later fans will have to come to turns that Ragnar of "Vikings" will have to meet his grisly end. But will viewers be in for a shocker as season 4 episode 11 opens up with the legendary Ragnar at the bottom of a snake pit?

We are already at a point where Ragnar Lothbrok is starting to get a little fragile. He just lost a great battle and is looking to fend off the depression that comes with it. While most stories on the TV writers will just create a story arc that helps the main character overcome his biggest tests. Unfortunately for fans, "Vikings" is a drama based on actual historical figures and the death of Ragnar is looking pretty much imminent. However, based on the teaser trailer for episode 11, Ragnar is not the same wide-eyed and spring chicken he once was. Instead, we are greeted with a brooding figure who seems to have no more zest in his life.

According to Carter Matt, the "Vikings" scene depicts Ragnar Lothbrok finding a tree while riding his horse over the beautiful backdrop of his homeland. The tree had a rope in it and the next scene alludes to Ragnar hanging himself to commit suicide. While this could just depict a nightmare or a failed suicide attempt, it could also be an indication that Ragnar is now seeing his own mortality which could lead him to his ultimate end.

A glorious end via a great battle will justifiably suit the great Viking leader. It seems like "Vikings" season 4 episode 11 will finally pave way for an Anglo Saxon King to capture Ragnar and throw him in one of his snake pits. This will then give rise to the story arc wherein his sons will pick up the mantle and avenge his death. "Vikings" shall return on Nov. 20 and is a cant miss affair for fans who grew into the series.

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