FIFA 14 has new details on player awareness, customized personalities

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Aug 19, 2013 10:31 AM EDT

The latest iteration of the FIFA series from EA – FIFA 14 – is nearly upon us. Like every year, fans are expecting big things from the game with more new additions and new features that will offer the beautiful game a more realistic look. Now, while we already have some idea about the normal in-game physics and player controls, there’s more to follow up on concerning customized personalities and player awareness.

Executive producer David Rutter recently spoke to Official PlayStation Magazine UK, where he discussed the features and explained how this will affect the overall gameplay. On the topic of increased sense of individuality with player movement, and how it is being replicated with the AI in contention, Rutter stated: “The players on the pitch now operate as individuals that recognize what their team-mates are all about, which is a big freeing moment for us. If you’re talking about the individuality of say the difference between a Messi and a Ronaldo, then definitely we are starting to get much more deeply into creating those customized personalities on the pitch.”

This has a bigger impact when mixed with the PlayStation 4′s GDDR5 RAM as this allows for such enhanced level of AI.

The in-game cameras are also evolving this time. Rutter states that one of the first things the fans will notice is the new in-game camera angles, which now allows the company to bring the sideline and the crowd into the experience much more.

“He also emphasizes a desire to recreate over-arching stories throughout a season by implementing the storytelling you’d expect from Sky Sports on a Super Sunday… hopefully minus Jamie Redknapp’s scrotum-strangling trousers: ‘If you think about TV coverage, there’s always a story going into matches and then an outcome that carries into the story for the following week’,” the report reads.

Additionally, it has been confirmed that the Chilean Primera Division will make its debut on FIFA 14. What’s more, the league will feature all of the 18 teams in that division, which, obviously, are fully licensed. The news was confirmed via the Latin FIFA Facebook page.

FIFA 14 is set for a release on Sept. 24 in North America and on Sept. 26 in Europe for a number of consoles such as Xbox 360, PC, Wii U and PS3, with next generation versions of the game set to arrive around Q4 2013.

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