'Street Fighter 5' Latest News & Updates: Support Will Continue Until 2020 But Some Characters Are Leaving?

By Maine Lemorge , Updated Nov 30, 2016 05:08 PM EST

"Street Fighter 5" still has a long life ahead of it. It seems that the developers of the game are planning for more updates and features to be added to the game. Yoshinori Ono, the Executive Director, has announced that they wish to support the game until 2020 as part of their goal to host more tourments in esports with "Street Fighter 5."

Yoshinori went on to add that it would be great if Capcom would release a non- Street Fighter game but they would need to strengthen the "Street Fighter 5" name in the esports arena. Seeing the numbers rise for "Street Fighter 4" is already an assurance that there will be huge support for the upcoming updates.

Tomoaki Ayano, one of the game producers also mentioned that they will be adding more features and add-ons to the game. They are planning ahead and making sure that they can develop it further thereby improving the gaming experience of the fans.

Players were disappointed to learn that Akuma the "Raging Demon" will not be appearing. Fans are still hoping though that if they game does well, the studio may change their mind and give them a chance. With the new updates coming, "Street Fighter 5" fans should expect to have new characters and stages to explore.

The development team of "Street Fighter 5" is aiming to raise the audience and their interest by hosting additional tournaments. They would also like this to help increase the sales and help them improve the future of one of their classic games.

Capcom has denied various speculations surrounding "Street Fighter 5," including the rumored appearance of Akuma. The studio has confirmed though that "Skies Of Honor," the latest stage, has been banned and that fans can now expect new stages and playable characters during the tournaments.

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