Half-Life 3 is very real, but only in ‘bits and pieces’

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Aug 27, 2013 08:06 AM EDT

Whenever we start a random discussion about the borderline mythical Half-Life 3, and if ever it will see the bright light of the day, we are left empty handed – not knowing what to expect from the game, and if ever we can at least expect the game to be finalized. Once again, we're left pondering the game's future as more “details” have arrived related to the game.

Reddit has been a source of potent details about a number of games in recent years, and this time it’s (more or less) the same for Half Life 3. A Reddit user recently took a tour of Valve Software and held an AMA related to it. As expected, someone asked about the prospects of Half Life 3 and if the user managed to get any kind of hint related to the game. The user stated: “No. I didn’t ask him [Gabe] about it until we were leaving either. He said ‘If I told you anything about it you’d just have more questions. We only have elements. Bits and pieces of game. No structure. No story’.”

So basically, we are where we were at the beginning of the article about the game. Absolutely nowhere. While we all harbor the idea somewhere in our minds that the franchise still has a long way to go after Valve gave us Half-Life 2 back in 2004, we are still waiting for some kind of an official confirmation for the game.

The situation that both us fans and Valve is in, related to the game, was previously described perfectly via a report on the game by The Guardian. The report stated: “Valve's refusal to provide information-on-demand absolutely baffles the internet. Not that it stops things: instead, every site relies on a merry-go-round where no link is too tenuous.

“Beyond the fact that Valve have an internal email group called 'Half-Life 3', there is not enough evidence on Half Life 3's existence to fill one good article, but it has been the topic of countless thousands and leaves some writers resenting Valve's sheer effrontery in the face of their desire to know. The game has almost become of secondary importance to confirmation of its existence.”

To highlight even more on the situation, Tyler Malka, founder of Neogaf compared the Half-Life 3 situation with internet meme rather than an actual product. "It's a running joke by both sides, with Valve dropping endless hints and teases, keeping hope alive and fuelling exaggerated responses from fans. As much as Valve co-founder Gabe Newell may sigh every time he's asked about the number three, there's bound to be an evil grin hidden just under the surface," he added.

Whatever the situation be, we believe that it’s high time that Valve put a stop to all these controversies and at least confirm if the game is actually a reality or just a myth.

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