Telegraph News & Update: Telegram Releases New Blogging Platform; Bloggers Can Be Anonymous?

By M PEO , Updated Dec 01, 2016 08:39 AM EST

The highly-secured messaging application Telegram has launched a blogging platform called Telegraph. It offers a different way of blogging where bloggers don't need to sign-up or register.

Telegraph is a new blogging platform which threatens other known blog sites for its simplicity and direct to the point feature - blogging. What makes Telegraph unique is that there is no need for any bloggers to register which makes the blogger anonymous. Bloggers will simply go straight to the website, start blogging and share.

According to The Verge, the Telegraph blogging site has similarity with Medium's user interface. It allows the use of embeds like images by clicking the camera button using the computer. Telegraph offers speed compared to Medium as images loads fast and publishing the blog is instant.

In addition, the blog post in Telegraph can be shared on other social media platforms, but it looks best if viewed on Telegram messaging app. Telegram has a new feature called Instant View, which acts like Facebook Instant Articles feature.

However, the downside of using Telegraph is not having the user history, which can limit the bloggers once they deleted the link to their post. It will not be easy to trace it unless the users enabled their cookies with their browser, TechCrunch reported.

Another negative effect of the Telegraph is that the anonymity of the user makes the blog site vulnerable to be used for fake news. To recall, the spread of fake news by the trolls have been the biggest problem that Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social media platforms are now facing.

Meanwhile, there is no doubt that Telegram has provided good service with the use of its secured messaging app. However, the Telegraph blogging site with its feature of anonymity will surely add problems in combating bullying and fake news circulating in social media. Sure thing, being anonymous in the internet world is a good idea, but if that privileged is used in wrong ways it can do more harm than good.  


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