'Attack on Titan Season 2' Air Date, News & Update: Series Set To Spark Eren Jeager's Fiery Soul

By Rose Valencia , Updated Dec 03, 2016 12:10 AM EST

"Attack on Titan Season 2" has been officially confirmed for release this spring of 2017. The announcement was made on July 3 at the Shingeki Festival during the Reading and Live Event of "Attack on Titan: Junior High."

The announcement was read from a letter sent by Hajime Isayama who also knows that fans have been waiting too long.The "Attack on Titan Season 2" official website was also launched. Masashi Koizuka will be the anime's new director while Tetsuro Araki will be the chief director.

Since it's already Isayama who confirmed the premiere, there's no need to doubt its veracity now. Initially, the plan was to release Attack on Titan Season 2 in 2016. According to Crunchyroll, it was Mr. Tetsuro Araki, the series director, who made the announcement last November 21, 2014, during the premier of the anime's first compilation movie.

The same site cited Selecta Vision, the official distributor of the anime series in Spain, as the source that revealed that the Season 2 release is pushed on 2017 instead. According to Selecta Vision, the information was provided by Kodansha when they seek out to get the rights to broadcast the "Attack on Titan Season 2" for their 2016 Fall lineup.

"Attack on Titan Season 2" is expected to answer a lot of hanging questions from the previous season. According to Mobipicker, there are several rumors on how the story will run. For instance, it is believed that Eren will soon go down to his father's basement and find out his father's secret.

Fans are also expecting the revelation about Zeke, Eren's half-brother and also a Titan. The season will also reveal the main mission of the Survey Corps and that they are really the bad guys.If you are excited for "Attack on Titan Season 2," you can officially mark your calendar now on spring 2017!

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