Bayonetta 3? Don't count on it

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Aug 30, 2013 12:18 PM EDT

Bayonetta 2 isn't even out yet, but it seems like the franchise's future, or lack thereof, has already been planned. Despite fans' hankering for more of the Sarah Palin looking witch clad in a leather-hair outfit, series creator Hideki Kamiya thinks the evidently short series will close with the Wii U exclusive.

"I don't really have a problem with making sequels," Kamiya said in an interview with 4Gamers. "Above all, I want to make games that are fun. This is the most important thing for me. So next to new IP's, I also like to make sequels." There's the rub. While other developers, in Kamiyai's words, would "only make a third game because the fans want it," he's keener on creating new, wholly original titles.

"With the first title of a new franchise, there are so many good ideas, so many things you want to do. Unfortunately, you can't use all of them in the game. In the sequel, you can use cancelled ideas from the first game. I do have the feeling most of those ideas are used when you reach the third game though and that developers."

"That's why I don't really see a Bayonetta 3 happening in the future. I am fortunate that I am able to create many games from scratch."

It's odd that Kamiya is speaking out so soon on the future of Bayonetta, particularly when the sequel hasn't even arrived, or even been given an official release date yet. But it could signal that the game is at least close to finishing development.

Sadly, it's not just sequels for Bayonetta that Kamiya is trying to avoid. When asked about making a possible sequel to Okami, a title fans have utterly adored, Kamiya responded, "If I am able to, I will definitely make it," he replied. "But gamers want so many sequels, I don't even know where to begin." At least there's the HD revamp...

Bayonetta 2 was announced during a September episode of Nintendo Direct. Like the previous game, it will be a hack n' slash title, but will feature a multiplayer mode, and a new hairdo and outfits for the titular heroine.

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