‘Final Fantasy 7’ News & Update: Similarities Detected With 'Final Fantasy XV'; Game Platform Offers Nothing New, Gamers Dissatisfied?

By Rhianne L. , Updated Dec 03, 2016 07:22 AM EST

After the long consecutive release of "Final Fantasy" game franchise, Square Enix is finally unveiling their modernized version of their classical hit ''Final Fantasy 7''.

A gaming genre that shaped the landscape of gaming and is still favored by modern players compared to its rival games on its time. "Final Fantasy 7" has popularized a strategy turn-based battle system back in the 90's. It is where players carefully selects how each member attacks or defense are being replaced by a more active dynamic experience in battle, much like with "Final Fantasy XV". Its improvement in battle system gives the gamer an opportunity for an open world exploration, which would surely take your time compared to their previous "Final Fantasy 7".

Over-all reconstruction of "Final Fantasy 7" brings Square Enix difficulty because they want to maintain the impression and experience of the old version of the game. Although it is still not certain whether all the characters and locations are to be showcased but major changes is expected to keep its edge with modern games, trustedreviews reports.

The character Cloud Strife in "Final Fantasy 7" together with his allies have explored the map just like "Grand Theft Auto's" Carl Johnson in an open world. The combat experience is just like Dante's Full Aerial or Mid-Air Combinations from "Devil May Cry" series. Both games present itself with its own difficulties in finishing the games with its own unique gaming approach.

The "Final Fantasy 7" remake will most likely to come in parts, specifically three separate games as reported by gameinformer. This is due to overload of data, since the original "Final Fantasy 7" was relatively a heavy game compared to the games in 90's. At the end of the day, "Final Fantasy 7" fans will experience a rather bold transition from a classical hit game to real-time gaming experience. However, reports are claiming that platform does not really offer enhanced features.

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