'No Man's Sky' Latest News & Update: The PC Patch Will Fix Important Issues WIth NPCs & Different Keyboard Types

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 01, 2016 07:45 PM EST

"No Man's Sky update" will feature small yet huge changes in the game. This will include a lot of bug fixes, which is the common issues among players and a PC version of the game is upcoming including the fixes mentioned. For PlayStation 4 players, the game is a little bit hard to control based on positioning and landing the ship they are in. Now, the PC version with the same patch will be available soon. Hello Games, the developer of the game, mentions that the game will be available for purchase on Steam.

What will the patch include?

Based on the post from GameSpot, the patch includes the following: first, the issues on unsupported mods, which makes the game glitchy or unplayable in some state, will have a warning message to proceed with the activation of the mod or not. This allows the detection of mods and players will have a choice to go through with it or not, which may be risky. Second, fixed the issue on NPCs not giving mission critical dialogues. Third, fixed a numerous cases of crashes in "No Man's Sky," especially where and what triggers it.

Not so tiny patch after all

"No Man's Sky" patch may be little in its content fixes, but this patch is a huge help for players who experience problems with the game. In addition, the patch including fixed crashes is a relief because crashes are known to ruin one's progress in the game. That is the reason why, this patch is helpful. Regarding the "Foundation update" in the said game, this is a cornerstone to future and upcoming updates that will make the further make the game enjoyable for everyone.


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