Horrible Wardrobe Malfunction Happened To Gigi Hadid At Vctoria's Secret Fashion Show, She Kept Looking At Him!

By Surabhi Verma , Updated Dec 01, 2016 10:37 PM EST

During the Victorias's Secret Fashion Show 2016, many sweet moments have been captured and one such moment was of the supermodel Gigi Hadid (21), as she was caught looking at her screen saver so lovingly. Well, the screen saver was of her beloved Zayn Malik (23). As she was getting ready while her hair curled up on, a picture of Gigi was captured, in which she can be seen holding up her phone in her hand and gazing at Zayn's black and white picture (her screen saver) maybe to calm her down because of the nervousness, that she might be feeling before performing in the big show.

Her sister Bella Hadid and friend Kendall Jenner are also a part of the show and Bella was also caught looking at a picture with her ex-boyfriend The Weekend, during the VS flight to Paris that left the fans guessing a lot about them. Gigi and Zayn look so adorable together that sometimes they seem to be like an ideal couple to us!

Zayn Malik supports Gigi in her modeling interests and this could have been the reason that Gigi glanced longingly at his picture to gain some strength. She then went onstage so confidently and kept walking even after a strap got out of place from the left side of her lingerie, which could be seen under her breast and as she came to the end of the runway, it snapped open but somehow it did not ruin anything. Nothing was revealed as the breast was still covered.

She did not let that distract her anyway. Luckily this wardrobe malfunction which happened during her catwalk, leaving the strap hung up loosely did not embarrass her much, she looked stunning in the edgy black look and slayed her trip down the ramp. She did not let that spoil an important moment of her life. This time the lavish show gave many big models a chance for debut and has proved to be spectacular.

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